My heart is weeping,
I am mourning the death of the future of a nation,
I am crying for a generation that appears to have lost its morals, and indeed, its value.
But even as I mourn and weep inside, I ask myself questions. Questions like: where did the youths of this nation get it all twisted?,
Who is responsible for the monsters who now lurk our homes, campuses, streets, claiming they’re youths of our dear country?
Tell me, what does the future hold for a generation that has delighted not in giving joy to its people but in causing them deep and unbearable pain?.
I guess we should have seen it coming. For years now, we all have to watch in awe as some of our young promising youths abandoned their aspirations to become men of substance for the madness of cultism all in the name of becoming a ‘big boy’, or try to do ‘yahoo yahoo’ so as to have so many girlfriends.
I heard a story recently about some guys in OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY (Oau) ILE-IFE (names witheld). These deranged guys descended on a helpless young girl and very nearly raped her to death. For what must have lasted for eternity, these animals took turns to defile this helpless girl. She begged them to stop, to let her go, but they couldn’t be bothered. Infact, it seemed that the more she begged them, the more they jeered at her. They held her down against her wish (though she was drugged) and forcefully penetrated her. When crackers (school security) got there, they found the poor girl bleeding from her nose and mouth.
As I write, one of them has been taken to a police station in oshogbo, and the other one, released. Why???
I don’t want to curse anybody and I’ll try not to. Perhaps, I should say a little prayer for them. Free of charge. I am hoping that someday soon, this same misfortune will happen to their daughters, and then the scales will fall off their eyes. That time, they will realise that truly, ‘this is no laughing matter’ .
RAPE has to stop! It really has to!.

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