Palm Oil
Ata Rodo
Bouillion cube
Blended crayfish (small and big)
Cow Leg
Goat Meat
Vegetable (Spinach, Ugwu)

Spice and boil goat meat till tender…allow it to cook till the stock/broth is very little and thick.
Cook cow leg, Shaki too, I usually cook mine in separate pots, cook until tender, you don’t want to be fighting the meat when chewing.
Blend tomato, pepper and 1 ball of Onion: don’t blend it smoothly, let there be small bits.
Heat up palm oil and bleach just a little, add half a bulb of onion when bleaching, this adds flavour .When bleached slightly, take out the onion, turn off cooker and allow to cool just a bit.
When the oil has cooled a bit, turn on the cooker and add chopped onion till onion is soft and transparent .
Pour the blended tomatoes into the pot of oil, add 1 bouillon cube, cow leg, shaki, goat meat , blended crayfish, iru and allow to cook. You can choose to cover the pot or not.
Make sure you stir the contents often so that it does not burn. This is not party jollof.
After about 10 minutes, depending on the quantity of the the tomato, it should be dry (frying instead of boiling), continue to stir for 2 minutes.
Make sure vegetable is washed properly! Nothing more annoying that tasting sand and stone in soup.
Taste for salt, and add more if it’s not tasty enough…I leave the salt till later because the broth is concentrated with spices…you do not want your food too salty.
Stir until cooked…
Serve with Rice, Eba, Semo, Yam, Pounded Yam, Eko, Fufu

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