Though a bit of a novelty in this country, internet radio is obviously here to stay. A lot of them have cropped up and some have even built up a cult following, of which Reel Radio is leading the pack. Launched a little over a year ago, Reel Radio has built a social media following as well as listeners from all over the world. With good music and interesting on-air personalities to go with it, Reel Radio has carved a niche for itself as one of a kind able to even compete with terrestrial radio stations.
Now, Nigeria’s premiere online radio station has launched its internet app. According to the MD/CEO, Uche Okoli popularly known as MamaUch, “The app was designed for easier access and for our fans and listeners to hop on the bandwagon anytime they want to. We realized that a lot of people kept pressing for the app and some phones weren’t able to hook up on our site, so we decided to go for it. Besides, all those people who have heard of us but don’t know how to come on board, this is a way in for them. Reel Radio has something for everyone and it wouldn’t be fair if someone out there is being deprived of what we’ve got”.
Located in Lagos, Reel Radio has proven its dedication to sensitizing the public, especially the youth, on pressing issues affecting the country either aversely or positively; as well as to the entertainment industry, giving upcoming music artistes and actors a much bigger platform to show off their talent. With shows like The Lab and Walking in the Light that are targeted at refreshing the psyches of individuals and getting them to see issues from a whole other perspective, it’s obvious that Reel Radio has a very well thought out programming schedule and isn’t just targeted at entertainment like a lot of other radio stations, but also has the intention of educating and informing people as well as giving them a voice.
With experienced OAPs who already have a following like CuteKimani, Lukside, Monalisa and the in-
house DJ Frizzle, the only way for Reel Radio is up, so make sure you download the app on your blackberry phones and get in on the action now



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