10 ways to really love your husband(for married women only)


For married women only!
1) Show your husband u appreciate both the big and little things he does for u, otherwise he might feel discouraged.
2) Romance in marriage doesn’t just happen. U can make it happen by ur attention, desire, thoughts and actions. When, for instance was d last time u fixed ur husband his fav meal? Dropped by at his office in the morning? Called to say “I love u and I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight” surprise him!!!.
3) Praise ur husband in front of others. Tuck special notes in his shirt pocket or briefcase. A man is much more open to change when he feels loved, trusted and accepted.
4) Treating ur husband in loving ways is like putting money in a savings account. It pays interest. Make plenty of deposits!
5) Friendship btw husband and wife is rated as the number one reason for marital happiness. Having a close relationship comes from being a good friend. Laughing, playing, talking, and working together builds friendship.
6) Don’t compete with ur husband- be his friend. Wish him the best and be enthusiastic about his achievements. Brag about him!
7) A 50/50 marriage doesn’t work; its too hard to figure out if u and ur husband have both come halfway. With a 100/100 commitment, there isn’t a question.
8) Genuine love for ur husband is incompatible with jealousy, envy, or bitterness. Those responses will push him away rather than draw him close to u.
9) Are u predictable?, do u always follow the same routine?. Make something new happen in ur relationship with ur husband today. Go ahead- surprise him!. If ur husband doesn’t hear u wen u say “I love u” it may be you’ve been saying it the same way for too long. Say it in a way that will surprise him!. Write it on the bathroom mirror, or in his daily calendar, or a clip note to the sun visor of his car.
10) Before giving ur husband advice, ask if he wants it. He may just need you to accept his words in silence.

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